DRC's Adventures


  • 2010/02/20 — Biking the San Antonio Mission Trail (Photos)
    With Austin Adventure Network
  • 2010/07/11 – 07/18 — Olympic Outdoor Center Southeast Whitewater Trip (Photo/video journal)
    Week-long whitewater skills camp in Tennessee & North Carolina led by Ben Kvanli (former olympic kayaker who runs a whitewater school in San Marcos)– Includes my first experience kayaking a Class IV river (click the first photo to begin photojournal)
  • 2010/07/26 — Mobile Fishpipe (Video)
    Watch as our plucky protaganist flounders around in a plastic bubble for 4 minutes to the sweet sounds of Paul Simon (password required)
  • 2010/08/30 – 09/05 — Santa Fe/Taos Mountain Biking/Hiking (Photo/video journal)
    Solo trip to explore Santa Fe and Taos mountain bike trails, my first experience downhilling Angel Fire, and an ascent of Mt. Wheeler (New Mexico’s highest peak) (click the first photo to begin photojournal)
  • 2010/10/28 – 11/03 — 3rd Annual Splinter Group/First Annual Austin Adventure Network Big Bend Expedition (Photojournal)
    Including exploration of Apache and Rancherias Canyons and a jeep tour of River Road and Mariscal Mine (click the first photo to begin photojournal)
  • 2010/11/01 – Dos Amigos vs. The Contrabando Trail (YouTube video)
    Brian and I attempted, with varying degrees of success, to ride the new (and not yet broken in) Contrabando Trail in Big Bend Ranch State Park
  • 2010/11/19 – 11/21 — Seminole Canyon State Park 2-day rock art hike/backcountry campout (Photojournal)
    With my friend Brian and members of Austin Adventure Network. We had a rare opportunity to hike the entire length of Presa Canyon, see most of the rock art in the park, and camp out in the backcountry (click the first photo to begin photojournal)
  • 2010/12/27 — Hot Springs National Park (Photos)
    A few photos from an icy after-Christmas jaunt up to Hot Springs with my parents to shake down their new camper